Automodules (MA) NC7100

NC7100 Heavy Duty 2-pocket Fitness Sorter is developed to meet the growing demand for effective cash management in back-office activities. The mechanical design combined with a dependable sensor set provides a cutting-edge back-office processing solution that allows for increased productivity and cost savings.


1 year against manufacturing defects


  • 2 pockets for counting 1500 notes per second.
  • Counting Modes —More than 7 processing modes make operation simple and straightforward.
  • Excellent Quality – Elegant design and sturdy construction.
  • Simple and effective software upgrades are possible through PC, SD card, or LAN.
  • It can recognize folded corners, holes, mud, tears, and tape as unsuitable notes and sort them by fitness or quality.
  • Comprehensive Functions – The operator can print serial numbers or all significant operating results of the processed banknotes using one or two printers, one for each user.