Do you have concerns about whether or not your security is doing their tasks effectively? Do you need a system to track security guard patrols and assignments to make sure they’re executed properly and on time?

The security patrol monitoring system and equipment can be used to keep track of your guard’s whereabouts and ensure that their tasks are being met. This eliminates the need for timesheets and paper trails, ensuring that rounds are completed promptly and efficiently.


2 year against manufacturing defects (device only)
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JWM WM5000-V5

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  • Capacity: up to 60000 records per minute.
  • Prompt by light and vibration.
  • Prompts for reading, low power, and full charging.
  • Drive-free magnetic USB cable, 30% increased data upload speed, low wear rate, and no download station.
  • Shockproof. With the silica gel material coat, there is no need to be concerned about deformation.
  • Can be used routinely even in adverse weather conditions.
  • IP67 rating.


JWM WM5000-X1

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  • Tour System with Fingerprint Guard –  Allow irreplaceable patrolling and management of your guards with fingerprint authentication.
  • Programme up to 200 fingerprints.
  • Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, charges once and reads 500 times each day for over 30 days.
  • Useful for patrolling at night. High-intensity LED lights with a 6-meter effective irradiation distance make night patrol more convenient.
  • IP67 rating.

JWM WM5000-P6

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  • A New Era of Patrolling with GPS Online Guard Tour – GPS multi-function reader keeps everything safe.
  • Multi-purpose guard tour system with a really practical function to provide you with the most convenience.
  • You Are the Witness – Accidents, equipment damage, 5-megapixel scene restoration.
  • There are three patrolling modes: fixed GPS location, track, and tag reading. There is always a suitable method for you.
  • A one-of-a-kind site navigation tool for high-efficiency work guidance. Simply create a plan in the program, and the device will alert the security guard to the next location that requires patrolling.
  • Shatterproof, waterproof, and dustproo.




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Warrenty Details

Guard Tour Patrol Security System WM5000V5
60,000 Sets Sold to 156 Countries Every Year

Light + Vibration Prompt
Reading Prompt/Low Power Prompt/Full Charging Prompt

Drive-Free Magnetic USB
Magnetic Cable, Low Wear Rate, More Durable, No Download Station, Drive-Free, Data upload Speed Increased by 30%

One Charge for 30 Days Using
Avoid Frequent Battery Replacement, Reduce the Use Ccost Increase


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Warrenty Details

Fingerprint Guard Tour System
Fingerprint authentication, let patrolling irreplaceable, scientific management of your staff.

Voice Prompt/Task Prompt
Intelligent voice prompt, task prompt, more humane, more professional, more efficient.

Two Tag Reading Modes
You can choose the normal version or the Bluetooth version. The normal version WM-5000X1 supports 125kHZ RFID tag, and the Bluetooth version WM-5000X1 supports Bluetooth tag. It does not support the simultaneous use of two tag types.

“Once and for All” Patrolling Mode
Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, charging once, reading 500 times a day, usable for more than 30 days.

Night Patrols Can also Be Convenient
High LED lighting, effective irradiation distance of 6 meters, night patrol more convenient.


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warrenty details

GPS Online Guard Tour, a New Era of Patrolling
GPS multi-function reader makes everything safe.

Really Practical Function
Multi-function guard tour system, to provide you with the greatest convenience.

You Are the Witness
Accidents, equipment damage, talk in pictures 5-megapixel restore scene.

Three Methods of Patrolling Mode
Fixed GPS location, track, Tag reading, there is always a suit way for you.

Make a Call? No Problem!
Fixed 10 sets of telephone,Report the scene situation in time.

Guide Your Work
The unique site navigation function, high efficiency work guidance. Just set a plan in the software, the device will tell the security guard the next place need to be patrolled.


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