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What sets Business Machines apart from competition in the field of automation is our dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction above anything else. On top of leveraging state-of-the-art tech and cutting-edge industry methods to deliver streamlined office automation solutions, we ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency are delivered even after the sale is completed.

Here is how we ensure long-term customer satisfaction by maintaining ongoing, strong client relationships after-sales.

  • We offer a comprehensive warranty for all products with a one-for-one replacement facility for selected products. During the course of the warranty period, preventive maintenance servicing is carried out.
  • We provide maintenance contract facilities to spare our clients the burden of maintenance costs.
  •  We offer in-house customer support and a committed IT help desk to manage and respond to all customer inquiries, clarifications and address complaints.
  • Should our customers wish to gain technical assistance on any of our office automation solutions, our  efficient and well trained technical support team would be accessible island-wide at their convenience.
  • As part of our dedication to going above and beyond to deliver the best after-sales services, we also provide the help of technical personnel during weekends, if situations call for such actions and our technical experts are well equipped with replacement spares to carry out emergency repairs at any time as well.
  • When necessary, backup machines will be provided and if we repair the machine at our premise, the customer will be given a backup similar or equivalent to the machine being repaired. 

Peace of mind within our clients is of paramount importance to us. Our comprehensive and top-quality after-sales services and our endeavour to offer our valued customers superior value for their money is what has made Business Machines a trusted innovation partner.


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