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Health & Wellbeing

Fellowes® AeraMax™ Consumer Range

For healthy living conditions and improved quality of life, clean air devoid of contaminants is of paramount importance. Powerful and effective air purification helps eliminate harmful substances in the air, ranging from viruses to VOCs to common dust.

Fellowes® AeraMax™ Professional Range

Indoor air can be full of potential contaminants ranging from viruses to VOCs to common dust. Proper air purification by exchanging air is the best way to reduce the presence of these contaminants, maintaining a healthy living and working condition.

Fellowes® Smart Suites™ Monitor Riser

The Office Smart Suites monitor riser raises a screen to eye level. Its compact and triangular shape makes it easy to fit into corners, and it can hold up to 40 pounds. With three variable height adjustments, this Fellowes corner monitor riser makes it simple to find the optimum height for reducing neck and back tension during long work hours.

Fellowes® Swivel Clip Copyholder

The office Swivel clip spins 360 degrees, letting you view your document from the side or top of your monitor. The way is cleared with a swing of the arm. It’s simple to put on thanks to the hook and loop closure.

Fellowes® Standard Footrest

It’s important that your feet are completely supported when you’re sitting at your workplace. The Fellowes Standard Footrest has a dual-position height adjustment so you can find the perfect fit.

Fellowes® Crystals™ Gel Flex Rest

This Fellowes self-adjustable Crystal gel wrist rest conforms to your wrist for personalized comfort, reducing pressure and fatigue.

Fellowes® Office Suites™ Desktop Copyholder

Improve your productivity with Fellowes’ Office Suites™ Desktop Copyholder with Memo Board, a “three-in-one” desk accessory. You get a clipboard, a document holder, and a whiteboard to scribble down memos all in one small device.

Fellowes® Office Suites™ Mesh Back Support

If you’re enduring back pain at your desk, your chair is probably not suited for you. Fellowes’ Mesh Back Support is a simple, inexpensive, and exceptionally durable solution that can be fitted to any chair.

Fellowes® Office Suites™ Laptop Riser

With Fellowes® Office Suites™ Laptop Riser, you can turn your laptop into an ergonomic workstation. It helps lessen the risk of neck pain and damage, by raising your screen to eye level.

Fellowes® Crystals™ Gel Mousepad Wrist Support

The ergonomic design maintains wrist support and comfort. A thick gel cushion fits the contour of your wrist to ease the pressure.

Office Equipment

Fellowes® Powershred® Cross-Cut Paper Shredders

The range of Fellowes® Powershred® Paper Shredders offers seamless and effective shredding to best manage your privacy.

Fellowes® AutoMax™ Auto-Feed Paper Shredders

Shredding has never been easier or faster thanks to Fellowes® new Automax™ shredders.

Fellowes® Microshred® Micro-Cut Paper Shredders

This Fellowes Micro-Cut Shredder can be used to shred credit cards, cut up private documents, and shred staples.

Video Conferencing

AVer Conference Room Solutions

AVer’s Conference Room Solution is easy to use and works with most cloud and web-based conferencing applications, including Zoom, Microsoft® Teams, Skype for Business, Skype etc.

AVer USB Video Conferencing Solutions

An ultra-wide FOV to fit everyone at the table and the entire whiteboard into your meeting, with minimum distortion! AVer’s outstanding video quality, portability and durability ensures the ultimate video conferencing experience.

AVer On-premise Video Conferencing

AVer makes video conferencing a reality for small and medium-sized businesses, universities, government offices, and a variety of other organizations for whom standard video conferencing solutions are just out of reach.

AVer Video Conference Accessories

Pro AV Solutions

AVer Auto-tracking, PTZ & Distance Learning Cameras

This range of AVer cameras are well suited for those that want to have a greater visual experience. With AI tracking features and PTZ features the AVer Pro AV range enhances delivery of educational content in the new generation of digital education.

AVer PTZ Camera Controller

The AVer CL01 is a professional PTZ camera controller with a robust communication interface, VISCA and Pelco-D/P protocols built-in, and a built-in VISCA and Pelco-D/P protocol.

Time & Attendance / Access Control

HIP F16 Fingerprint Scanner

The F16 is a fingerprint access control terminal with a proximity scanner built in (EM). It has an IP65 rating, which means it can withstand water, dust, and other elements.

HIP F18 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System

The F18 is a cutting-edge biometric fingerprint reader for access control. It has become one of HIP’s most popular gadgets because of its high-performance firmware functions and compact design.

HIP CMG-250 RFID Card Reader

Stand-alone RFID card access control solution suited for small-medium businesses, which provides significant security through either RFID card reading or entering a unique password.

HIP CMS810 RFID Card Reader

RFID card access control solution with Wiegand in/out, suited for small-medium businesses.

HIP CI805U Fingerprint Scanner

The HIP CI805U is a device that combines the characteristics of a time attendance system and a magnetic door access control system into one device, including a finger scan and a card-based door opening. and using a code to open the door The HIP CI805U comes with a large, easy-to-read screen.

HIP CMI681S Fingerprint Scanner

The CMI681S fingerprint scanner is ideal for use in a business setting. The 2.8-inch broad color screen is simple to operate and supports network connections perfectly.


JWM Guard Patrol Monitoring

Do you have concerns about whether or not your security is doing their tasks effectively? Do you need a system to track security guard patrols and assignments to make sure they’re executed properly and on time?

Banking & Finance

Olivetti PR2 Plus Passbook Printer

The PR2 plus is a multifunctional front-office printer that can print single-sheet and multiple-copy documents as well as passbooks.


Value Counting and Fitness Sorting features with Fake Note Detection Ultrasonic Sensors and advanced technology provide the fastest and most reliable service for bank branches.


With fitness sorting and authenticity detection, the LIDIX ML Currency Discriminator Counter provides superior performance. Six different image acquisition choices are provided, as well as a Dual-side Serial Number Recognition option.

Masterwork Automodules (MA) NC7100

NC7100 Heavy Duty 2-pocket Fitness Sorter is developed to meet the growing demand for effective cash management in back-office activities.

Masterwork Automodules (MA) NC6500

It’s a low-noise machine intended specifically for tellers. Not only authentication, but also to sort counted money for fitness. The all-in-one design makes all of the laborious tasks a breeze. When it comes to banknote fitness, this is ideal for tellers.

Masterwork Automodules (MA) NC3500

Single-pocket currency counter made for efficient counting and accurate fake note detection.

Postal Franking

Frama Matrix F12 Franking Machine

The Matrix F12 franking machine is a new addition to Frama’s F Series franking equipment. It is a low volume franking machine with a speed of 20 pieces per minute is ideal for any small firm that is new to the franking machine usage.


WINTEC DK80 Cash Drawer

WINTEC WIN80T Thermal Printer

Printers with fashionable designs and quick printing speeds are ideal for high-end POS systems. High-speed printing, a long-lasting high-quality cutter and engine and USB/Serial/Parallel/LAN/WiFi ports are included.

WINTEC Customer Display

Customer display with two lines of VFD or 9.7/12.1/15 LCD can be incorporated with a pole or installed directly on POS. LCDs with touch capabilities, VESA support for wall mounting, and a weatherproof screen are included.


SELFPOS60V is an upgraded version of the Selfpos60 that features a more modern and attractive look.


ANYPOS80 is also a very powerful function device. It could support a 15″ or 15.6″ front screen, a 7″/10.1″/15.6″ second display, and it could be without a printer or with a built-in 2″ (58mm) or 3″ (80mm) thermal printer, depending on the needs of the customer.


The ANYPOS600 Series POS is a brand-new 15-inch touchscreen terminal. Customers will find the capacitive touch screen to be incredibly user-friendly.

Interactive Displays

EIBOARD Interactive LED Display

EIBOARD Interactive flat panels are a smart board with dual systems ideal for collaboration solution in classrooms, conference rooms and training rooms. The smart board allows users to generate vibrant visual representations and control on-screen visuals using touchscreen interactions.

SPECKTRON Interactive LED Display

SPECKTRON UDX Series interactive LED comes with 4K UHD resolution providing sharp and vibrant images to enhance video conferencing, training experiences and any other shared data.

SPECKTRON Interactive Whiteboard

The Specktron IRB3 Series offers interactive whiteboards as the ideal tool to increase engagement and collaboration within any education, corporate or professional teaching or training environment, featuring technology that enables multiple users to write and draw simultaneously.


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