Automodules (MA) NC6500

It’s a low-noise machine intended specifically for tellers. Not only authentication, but also to sort counted money for fitness. The all-in-one design makes all of the laborious tasks a breeze. When it comes to banknote fitness, this is ideal for tellers.


1 year against manufacturing defects
*Terms & conditions apply

MA NC6500

  • Excellent Quality – Designed for human technology in a compact and attractive manner.
  • User-friendly – Continuous non-stop operation with error codes. Save and track each transaction using Software (End User Tool) by date, customer name, and serial number.
  • Connectivity – Can be connected to a printer or system through LAN; the operator can print serial numbers or all of the processed banknotes’ critical operating results. Software upgrades are possible through PC, SD card, or LAN.
  • Efficient – Could sort mixed banknotes by denomination, fitness, and orientation in fewer stages, resulting in a faster overall processing cycle.
  • Fitness – Detecting folded corners, holes, mud, tears, and tape as unfit notes and sorting banknotes by fitness or quality.
  • Compact Design – The smallest fitness sorter in the category, both in size and appearance.
  • Counterfeit detection is accurate using MR, MG, CIS, UV, IR reflection and transmission, and a tape sensor.
  • Multi-Currency – Recognizes multiple currencies based on each banknote’s character.
  • Dual User – Two tellers share one machine, each with their own preferences and settings.
  • Routine maintenance is made easier by the opening from the top and rear bill paths.


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